Blood Orange Mojito £7.95
A classic mojito with a twist of fresh orange and red berry syrup, topped
with Prosecco.

Graveyard Daiquiri £6.95
Vibrant blackberries infused with Cuban rums, fresh citrus, with edible

Drumstick Daiquiri £6.95
An absolute must! Bacardi, strawberry puree, grenadine, fraise liqueur,
topped with fresh fruit and drumstick candy.

Spooky Fizz £7.95
A valley of dark fruits blended with royal raspberry liqueur and topped
with Prosecco/lemonade.

Rainbow Sourz Martini £6.95
Choose from apple, tropical or cherry sourz. Blended with bubblegum
syrup and vodka, topped with lemonade and garnished with a lollipop.

Old Fashioned £6.95
Brown sugar infused with monkey shoulder, angostura bitters and orange
bitters, garnished with a wedge of orange and served over ice.

Gin Fizz Sparkles £7.95
A wonderful gin based cocktail, topped with Prosecco.

Coco Espresso £7.95
A smooth and creamy blend of French vodka, chocolate syrup and
coffee liqueur, what a sweet treat!

*Bottled Beers and Prosecco flutes 2 for £6*

Bottega Prosecco Poeti 20% off!*

* Ask staff for details.